Equine Nutrition Consulting and Collaborations

Independent Nutritional Support

for your Equine PArtner

Ever feel like you’re doing everything you can for your horse, but something’s still not quite right? Maybe you’re puzzled about their diet, or you’re trying to balance their complex nutritional needs. At Balanced Bay Nutrition, we get it. We’re here to help solve these puzzles with services that are all about getting your horse feeling their best.

Nutrition Services

Remote or Onsite


 Our Nutrition Consulting is here to make sure your horse gets exactly what they need. The best part? No brand affiliations. This means that our focus is simply what is optimal for your horse.

We’ll look at their lifestyle, health, and goals to curate a nutrition plan that’s just for them.  Let’s help your horse shine with a diet plan that’s backed by science and tailored just for them.

Collaboration Services

presentations and more


Whether you’re looking for educational content creation, a speaker for your next event, or a knowledgeable voice for your webinar or podcast, Madeline is ready to share her insights. With a focus on equine nutrition and wellness, these services offer a chance to enrich your content and discussions with professional knowledge and experience.